REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) is a secure web application for building and managing online surveys and databases for research studies. The system was developed by a multi-institutional consortium initiated at Vanderbilt University, and became free for all non-profit research institutions as part of a federal grant.

REDCap is HIPAA compliant. A validated instance is available for research projects that require 21 Part 11 compliance; the REDCap eConsent process is 21 Part 11 validated for all projects, regardless of need.

REDCap Systems @ BIDMC
Research REDCap Login The Research REDCap system holds BI IRB-approved Research projects
QI REDCap Login The Quality Improvement REDCap system holds QI projects approved by the HCQ (Health Care Quality) team
Request Forms
New REDCap Project Request Form
* BIDMC ITS login is required
Request a Research or QI REDCap project:
A BIDMC IRB Study Protocol number is needed for Research project requests. If the IRB has made the determination that this is a non- Human Subjects Research project, you may apply for a QI project. If you are not sure if it is a QI or a Research project, please fill out an IRB Determination Form
External User Request Form
* BIDMC ITS login is required
Request a REDCap user account for non-BIDMC collaborators (must be made by BIDMC employee):
All BIDMC staff with an ITS username & password can log in to both Research and QI REDCap, and only need to be added to the project by the PI (Research)or Project Lead(QI). REDCap Admins can create REDCap accounts for external users; it is then the responsibility of the PI or Project Lead to add them to the project. At this time, external collaborators are given accounts for the Research REDCap system only; accounts expire after 1 year and must be renewed then for continued access
REDCap Support
Email REDCap Support Support questions and general inquiries
Request Online Consult Request an Online meeting with a REDCap administrator to answer questions about your project
Request a Training Class Request a training class for your lab or project staff
REDCap Self Help @BIDMC
On-Demand Info Session Short “How To” videos on common REDCap Tasks by BIDMC’s REDCap Support
REDCap Documentation BIDMC REDCap general documentation
Data Protection Research Compliance’s BIDMC portal page on Data Protection
Other REDCap Resources
Harvard Catalyst REDCap Harvard Catalyst supported early adoption of REDCap at Harvard affiliated institutions and has contact information for REDCap support at non-BILH sites
Coursera Clinical Data Management Vanderbilt University’s Clinical Data Management course on Coursera. Taught by the team that created REDCap, it provides an excellent, in-depth look at best practices for data collection and management with a focus on REDCap
University of Colorado at Denver’s REDCap YouTube Channel University of Colorado at Denver has a YouTube channel with lots of REDCap topics and introductory videos