photo of Stickgold, Robert

Robert Stickgold, PhD

Clin Res Staff Scientist II
Contact Information
Office:   FD-0861
Phone:   617-632-7926
Fax:   617-667-8498
Address:    330 Brookline Ave; FD-0861
 Boston, MA 02215
Advanced Degree And Training
Year Institution Area or Rank
1972 Univ of Wisconsin Madison Biochemistry
1972 Stanford Medical School Postdoctoral fellow
1975 Harvard Medical School Postdoctoral fellow
1979 U Mass Medical School Assistant professor
Research Lab Team Members
   Alexandra Morgan BS Erina Sato MA    
Areas of Interest
Neuroscience, Neurobiology, CNS Women's Health    
Major Research Theme
Our lab focuses on state-dependent aspects of cognition.  Primarily, this involves studies of the role of sleep and dreaming in sleep-dependent offline memory processing.  Human behavioral, psychophysiological, and brain imaging studies help us determine the role of sleep and dreams in a range of memory and emotional processes, in both healthy individuals and those with psychatric and neurological disorders..
Major Collaborative Activities
Collaboration with Dara Manoach at MGH/Charlestown for studies of schizophrenia and autism
Collaboration with Daniel Schacter at Harvard Dept. of Psychology (FAS) for memory studies
Collaboration with Ellen Hanson at Children's Hospital for autism study
Collaboration with Ellen Bubrick at B&W for temporal lobe epilepsy study
Collaboration with Amy Cuddy at Harvard Business School for decision-making study
Investigator's Lab Web Site
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Harvard Catalyst Site:     Stickgold Harvard Catalyst Web Site