photo of Pavlakis, Martha

Martha Pavlakis,

Physician, Associate Professor
Contact Information
Phone:   617-632-9806
Fax:   617-632-9807
Address:    330 Brookline Ave Boston, MA 02215
Areas of Interest
Immunology, Transplantation Patient Oriented / Translational Women's Health  
Major Research Theme
I am involved in many clinical trials, including the following:  
1.  NIAID, CTOT-02   B-Cell Depletion by Anti-CD20 (Rituximab) in Renal Allograft Recipients who Develop Early de novo Anti-HLA.  Alloantibodies will result in Inhibition of Alloantibody Production and Attenuation of Chronic Humoral Rejection (co-investigator),
2.  Bristol Myers Squibb Pharmaceuticals Belatacept Evaluation of Nephroprotection and Efficacy as First-line Immunosuppression Trial-Extended Criteria Donors (PI) and other multi-center drug studies.
3.  I am involved in several protocols to collect blood and urine and biopsy tissue on transplant patients.  

I have no lab space of my own.
External Recognition
Chair, Women's Health Community of Practice 2004-2006.  American Society of Tranpslantation
Chair, Renal Transplant Oversight Committee, Region 1 UNOS 2005-2008
Investigator's Lab Web Site
Research Lab URL     None listed
Harvard Catalyst Site:     Pavlakis Harvard Catalyst Web Site