photo of Afdhal, Nezam H

Nezam H Afdhal,

Physician, Instructor
Contact Information
Office:   LM-08001
Phone:   617-632-1069
Fax:   617-632-1054
Address:    330 Brookline Ave; LM-08001
 Boston, MA 02215
Research Lab Team Members
   Imad Nasser      
Areas of Interest
Cancer & Hematologic Infectious Diseases, Inflammation Metabolic / Metabolic Diseases Patient Oriented / Translational
Major Research Theme
1. Basic research focus on two areas:
a) protein and lipid interactions in gallstone pathogenesis. We are using state of the art biophysical techniques to examine binding of lipids to proteins and their role in cholesterol crystal nucleation
b) Hepatic fibrogensis program which is focused on animal models of cirrhosis including a sclerosing cholnagitis model and a fatty liver model. A clincial research lab element includes measuremnt and validation of serum fibrosis markers in clinical practice

2. Clinical resarch activities include all elements of liver disease with a special focus on Phase 1, 2 and 3 studies on therapy of HBV and HCV
External Recognition
Fullbright Fellow
Chair, DDW Abstract Ctte, Viral hepatitis New therapies
Major Collaborative Activities
1. Collaboration with Flier lab on Fatty liver and Freedman Lab on Sclerosing cholangits models
Investigator's Lab Web Site
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